St. Jakobi Literaturhaus

Literaturhaus St. Jakobi
Jakobikirchgasse, 31134 Hildesheim


The pilgrim church is over 500 years old and is located in the middle of the pedestrian area. It is one of the many Jakobus-chapels alongside the different paths of the Way of St. James. The building process of the single-nave church made out of sand stone began in 1503 in Gothic style.
Lastly, the tower was built in 1512 to 1514. It was the parish church of the old city of Hildesheim and was re-assigned to the Protestants in 1542. In the 17th and 18th century the church was converted to Baroque style.
Through the bombing in 1945, the Jakobikirche was destroyed entirely. In 1948 though, its rebuilding was begun and was finished in 1949 as the first of Hildesheim’s churches. The peak of the western tower was replaced by a flat pavilion roof.

Afterwards, the church was home to the Andreas parish or military pastoral care. In 2000, pastor Claus-Ulrich Heinke built the ‘Citychurch’, which was used for exhibitions, concerts, masses and other events and turned into an important cultural centre of the city.
After having been closed for two years, it was reopened in 2014 as house of literature, with modern furnishing inside of historic walls and the contrasting program of monastic traditions and urban experiments. The house is a project of the Evangelic-Lutheran church district Hildesheim-Sarstedt and is part of the St. Andreas parish.

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St. Jakobi Literaturhaus, Hildesheim, Foto © Sandra Sancelean, 2015