FLUX 2.0

“FLUX Light Art Series” is a German-Tunisian collective of artists, designers, architects and culture producers working with focus on light in fune arts. They realize exhibition concepts, workshops, talks and publications. Their collective activities are rooted in the Kulturakademie Program of the Goethe-Institute Tunis and the Doolesha Collective.


2015, Liubov Moskvina, Pressebild_1
Lena Weisner. Photo Sara Foerster
06_Lichtungen 2015 - Aymen Gharbi - Photo_Ricardo Nunes_01_1
21_Lichtungen 2015 - Patricia K. Triki - Photo_Ricardo Nunes_01 (1)
39_Lichtungen 2015 - Sara Foerster - Photo_Sara Foerster_01 (1)
30_Lichtungen 2015 - Andrea Thembie Hannig - Photo_Sara Foerster_01 (1)
40_Lichtungen 2015 - Mari Lena Rapprich - Photo_Ricardo Nunes_01 (1)


Participants: Sara Förster | Aymen Gharbi | Patricia K. Triki |Mari Lena Rapprich | Andrea Thembie Hannig | Lene Weisner | Liubov Moskvina. Artistic director: Prof. Bettina Catler-Pelz