Mari Lena Rapprich

40_Lichtungen 2015 - Mari Lena Rapprich - Photo_Ricardo Nunes_01 (1)
40_Lichtungen 2015 - Mari Lena Rapprich - Photo_Sara Foerster_01 (1)


c/o LICHTUNGEN: Searching for Contact
Mari Lena Rapprich presents a text, which is bedded into a graphit drawing. The play of light, shadow and reflexion changes the appearance of the drawing according to the visitor’s standing point and perspective.
LICHTUNGEN c/o Flux Lumineux Tunis

Kunstraum 53
Wollenweberstr. 53, 31134 Hildesheim

FLUX Light Art Series Tunis

Mari Lena Rapprich,Searching for Contact, Lichtungen Hildesheim, Foto (above) © Sara Förster und Ricardo Nunes, 2015
Foto (below) © Mari Lena Rapprich, 2015