Marek Radke

Marek Radke. Photo Ricardo Nunes
07_Lichtungen 2015 - Marek Radke - Photo_Ricardo Nunes_01
07_Lichtungen 2015 - Marek Radke - Photo_Ricardo Nunes_01 (1)

2010, Danzig, Narracje, Marek Radke, Marek Radke

c/o LICHTUNGEN: Unendlichkeit
Marek Radke transposes the tradition of abstract art from cubism and color-field painting to tangible painting into three-dimensional sculptures. In his work, he orchestrates the interplay of abstract, geometrical shapes, fluorescent color and space.

St. Andreas, Versöhnungshalle
Andreasplatz 5, 31134 Hildesheim
In the course of the reformation, St. Andreas became Hildesheim’s first church to practice Lutherian sermons in 1542… >>


Marek Radke, Unendlichkeit, Lichtungen Hildesheim, Fotos (above) © Ricardo Nunes, 2015
Marek Radke, Danzig, Narracje, Foto (below) © Marek Radke, 2010