Am Kehrwieder 2, 31134 Hildesheim


Johannes Vogl

At the edge of Hildesheim’s new town, the only preserved fortified tower of the former city wall looms over the half-timbered houses. Its history poses many question, therefore one does not know when it was erected. It was formerly known as the Hohnser Tor (Gate of Hohnsen), as the road lying underneath it once lead to the village Hohnsen. The Kehrwiederturm (Recurrency Tower) received its name through the usage of its bell to call back all citizens outside of the city wall.

Ever since the renovation in 1982, the tower is home to the Kunstverein Hildesheim. On four floors and with its historical stonework, the tower offers an extraordinary exhibition place for contemporary art and sight-specific projects. Mostly, works of young national and international artists are exhibited inside, for example the installations ‘Undersound’ by Moritz Fehr and ‘Prototypes’ by Aleksandra Domanovic.

The varied communication of art program of the Kunstverein Hildesheim often invites for public dialogue about the shown art positions. This way, especially the young audience is meant to be acquainted with art and its cultural context.

Kehrwiederturm, Hildesheim © Sandra Sancelean, 2015