Alter Markt 1, 31134 Hildesheim


Patricia K. Triki

In 1587, the Kaiserhaus (Imperial Dynasty) was built as the first lithic residentia house in Hildesheim. During the bombing of Hildesheim on March 22, 1945, it was destroyed. While finishing the reconstruction in 1998 at the Alter Markt (Old Market), parts of the old facade were included, which lead to its name being kept.
The adornment of the facade shows figures symbolizing different ancient world empires: the Assyro-Babylonian, the Persian, the Greek and the Roman empire.
The building was named on grounds of the 46 medallions underneath the adornment, showing Roman emperors’ portraits.
The Kaiserhaus is the place of foundation of the Hornemann Institute and now place of residence of both the administration of the former Principality Hildesheim and the Kaiserhaus foundation Heinz Greyer.


Kaiserhaus, Hildesheim, Foto © Hannah Zita Quell, 2015