Ingo Wendt

14_Lichtungen 2015 - Ingo Wendt - Photo_Sara Foerster_01 (1)
Lichtungen 2015 - Ingo Wendt - Photo Daniel hausig, HBKsaar

2014, Saarbrücken, Light_Act_Project, Ingo Wendt, Foto HBKsaar-Henrik Elburn

c/o LICHTUNGEN: Lichtgemälde
Following the tradition of the first color light plays, known by Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack and Kurt Schwerdtfeger at the beginning of the 1920s, Ingo Wendt presents a light prop projecting transparent color fields into the surrounding space through moving light.

Einumerstraße 96, 31134 Hildesheim

Ingo Wendt, Lichtgemälde, Lichtungen Hildesheim, Fotos (above) © Sara Förster und Daniel Hausig, 2015
Ingo Wendt, Light_Act_Project, Saarbrücken, Foto (below) © HBKsaar – Henrik Elburn, 2014