Hildesheim, St. Michaelis, Oct 2, 2015: INO

Hildesheim, St. Michaelis, October 2, 2015, 8.00 pm
Hannover, Neustädter Hof- and Stadtkirche, Oktober 3, 2015, 9.00 pm

2007, Paderborn, Abdinghof Kirche, Tatort Paderborn, Yvonne Goulbier - Foto Yvonne Goulbier
Image: 2007, Paderborn, Abdinghof Kirche, Tatort Parderborn – Yvonne Goulbier: Schönheit erblüht in der Stille Deiner Gegenwärtigkeit – Photo Jürgen Brinkmann


Georg Philipp Telemann’s (1681-1767) oeuvre includes more than 1,500 church cantatas and fairs, psalms, passions, oratorios, motets and other sacred works. Telemann’s secular compositions are characterized by high drama and innovative harmonic froms. A particular example is the cantata “Ino” from 1765.

Georg Philipp Telemann

Light Art
Yvonne Goulbier
Starting point of the installations of Yvonne Goulbier is darkness, she prefers to work with fluorescent color that often remains hidden to the human eye in nature. Under UV light, they develop an extraordinary luminescent and color radiation. In the artistic approach with this color light phenomenon Yvonne Goulbier develops pictorial spaces that address the interplay of presence and absence of light as a reference to temporality and ephemerality. She develops spatail matrixes by collaging different states of dematerialization, deconstruction and abstraction in a new aesthetic order.

Musica Alta Ripa, Kammerensemble
Johanna Winkel, Sopran

Danya Segal