Kirche Heilig Kreuz

Kreuzkirche, 31134 Hildesheim


Ralf Kopp
Roads to the Cross – evening program during the LICHTUNGEN

The Heilig Kreuz Kirche (Church of the Holy Cross) is one of the oldest and, concerning its architectural history, most astonishing sacred buildings in Hildesheim. During the tenth century the original building still served as the eastern mounting of the city wall’s gate. Tradition has it that bishop Hezilo (1054-1079) transformed a house of war into a house of peace, which is validated by its use as a mounting of the city wall. In 1709, the building was reconstructed into a church and monastery and was blessed in honour of the Holy Cross, as Hezilo left some of Hildesheim’s old relics to the church.

The center nave’s building stock are partly remains of the old gate hall and partly Roman style. An eight-cornered tower is located above the transept. While the southern side aisle was built in Gothic style, the northern aisle was built after 1700 in Baroque style and is almost as broad as the center nave. Also in baroque style, the outer form of the church presents an outside staircase at the west facade. Built in 1712, it is flanked by apostles Petrus and Paulus.

Ever since the thirteenth century, the Heilig Kreuz Kirche serves as a parish church to Catholics, even outlasting the monastery’s secularisation in 1810. On March 22, 1945, the church was almost completely destroyed during the bombing of Hildesheim, leaving only the late Gothic vastry and its furnishing. The Church of the Holy Cross was rebuilt between 1952 and 1958. The church houses a treasure of valuable paraments, chalices and liturgical objects. Since November 1st, 2014, it belongs to parish St. Godehard.


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Kirche Heilig Kreuz, Hildesheim, Foto © Sandra Sancelean, 2015