Light as Artistic Incidence

A cooperation of the LICHTUNGEN with the University of Applied Art and Sciene (HAWK) Hildesheim

Headed by Prof. Paul W. Schmits and Dipl. Ing. Nobert Wasserfurth lighting design students will develop in the next month art projects which they will present at Wallungen Hildesheim 2015, Light Move Łódź and/or LICHTUNGEN Hildesheim 2015. On April 16th, in the introducing lecture Prof. Bettina Catler-Pelz, the artistic director of the LICHTUNGEN, talked about historic and contemporary art positions which are significantly based on the reflected use of light as material or media. In the following weeks she and a choice of light artists will support the students in their project developments. For some students this is an option to continue to coontinue to work on their ideas which they have been generating during the Lichtcampus in Hamburg, earlier this year.

In addition they will visit the exhibit “Zero – The International Art Movement of the 50s and 60s” at the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin and the Center for International Ligh Art in Unna.

Selected projects will be produced for the LICHTUNGEN.

Image: Lichtcampus 2015 | Workshop Prof. Rainer Plum | Photo Herbert Cybulska