Marion Cziba + Maria Elena Schmidt

Lichtungen Hildesheim 2015, Marion Cziba + Maria Elena Schmidt, Photo Ricardo Nunes
Lichtungen 2015 - Marion Cziba + Maria Elena Schmidt - Photo Daniel Hausig, HBKsaar

c/o LICHTUNGEN: Streiflicht

Between architecture and sculpture, Marion Cziba and Maria Elena Schmidt develop a room construct out of thin threads. In the interplay of light and perspective of the visitor, abstract forms and geometrical shadow figures present themselves over the cubature of the room.

Burgstraße 8, 31134 Hildesheim

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saarbrücken

Marion Cziba und Maria Elena Schmidt, Streiflicht, Lichtungen Hildesheim, Fotos @ Daniel Hausig und Ricardo Nunes, 2015