Aymen Gharbi

06_Lichtungen 2015 - Aymen Gharbi - Photo_Sara Foerster_02 (1)
06_Lichtungen 2015 - Aymen Gharbi - Photo_Ricardo Nunes_01_1

2015, Tunis, FLUX 1.0, Aymen Gharbi, Foto Sara Foerster_4-3

c/o LICHTUNGEN: Wunderkammer

Through the interplay of several projection systems and the architectural room, Aymen Gharbi shows a number of picture variations, which are generated through the digital manipulation of his photography. The picture’s former information loses its relevance and the picture’s deformation through optical systems transforms them into aesthetic material.

St. Andreas, Tower room
Andreasplatz 5, 31134 Hildesheim
In the course of the reformation, St. Andreas became Hildesheim’s first church to practice Lutherian sermons in 1542… >>

FLUX 2.0 Tunis

Aymen Gharbi, Wunderkammer, Lichtungen Hildesheim, Photos (above) @ Sara Förster und Ricardo Nunes, 2015
Aymen Gharbi, FLUX 1.0, Tunis, Photos (below) © Sara Foerster, 2015